NYC Trip – Day 9 : Soho Film Fest

In a slight rush this morning so i dragged Todd with me to slum it at Starbucks, which was like forcing a vampire into a church.

Today we decided on something everyone loves: A short film festival. SOHO FILM FESTIVAL. It was held in the quaintest little theatre with m&ms sold in boxes and cheap buckets of popcorn and 10 flavors of DIY seasoning. Stand out films were the 2 Australian entries. Non biased opinions of course.

We headed straight from there to the NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY in midtown via GRAND CENTRAL STATION to listen to a talk about hip hop’s influence on fashion.

We usually research dinner locations beforehand to save time and any dilemma, but this time we decided to wing it and ended up at TGIF!!

We headed back home on the subway, picking up some massive $3 cans of beer from the newsagent on the way, and spent the rest of the night as an intense research team trying to work out how to squeeze in everything we wanted to do into 10 days.

Pics taken with my Canon 1000D and my iPhone 3


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