NYC Trip – Day 8 : Speakeasy

Our forever infamous ‘Slavin’ to the bean’ coffee adventures began today. Call it what you will but i refuse to visit a city that i have forever glamorised and drink shitty drip-coffee. SO… every morning i’d scour the net in search for what others have described as notable coffee providers in the area and we’d vigilantly hit the pavement to follow our noses to darker beans. On this morning we ended up at a place called CAFE GRUMPY, my first New York Coffee and in reflection one of my favourites.

Wandering the sunny streets of Chelsea we stumbled upon the cutest little shop called 3 TARTS and indulged in rocky road ice cream sandwiches. Then skipped down the street in the sunlight. Yes…Just like in a movie.

Stocked up on a few essentials (like beer) at a fantastic place called WHOLEFOODS MARKET which is some super ‘Woolworth’s on steroids’ grocery store.

Fortunately or not, our flat was just a block from HERALD SQUARE, a bit of a shopping hotspot, as is most of New York. So shop we did. That night we took our new outfits to dinner with our wonderful Manhattanite friends Catherine and Alex at BEAUTY & ESSEX. This restaurant has the shop front of an ordinary antique jewellery store but with fantastically bright lights above that say ‘BEAUTY & ESSEX’ in shining capitals. When inside we walked to the back of the store and the bouncer let us into a beautiful candlelit and impressively large restaurant. The best part about it being the champagne bar in the women’s bathroom. There are apparently lots these ‘speakeasy’ style restaurants and bars all around New York. I love them.

After some delectable shared tapas, fresh mojito’s and complimentary champers the group rowdily rolled from rooftop bar to rooftop bar before the majority ruled it was home time.


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