NYC Trip – Day 7 : Coffee Cake

4.45am is probably the earliest i’ve ever been up. And i have to say it’s completely unnatural. For me anyway.

Jess bravely drove our rental car to LAX from Palm Springs and although the GPS did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to and sent us off-course several times, somehow we bluffed our way back on track and made it to the rental car drop off centre in L.A. Even following a debacle there and despite being 40 minutes late for our check in time, the airline (or the random guy who checked us in at a portable desk the roadside) didn’t seem to notice. Refreshing for anyone who has ever flown with Jetstar.

I’d been at least 72 hours without coffee but again ran out of time to buy a cup before boarding. I ended up grabbing a piece of coffee cake instead, purely based on curiosity born from the Seinfeld ‘Drakes Coffee Cake’ episode. That curiosity paying off in the form of sugary goodness. Best decision i could have made.

I slept* for the first few hours of the 5 hour flight and awoke to the girls (and the rest of the plane) watching ‘We Bought a Zoo‘ which i had no choice but to watch (I even question this myself) and before long was surrounded by crying women. Although i do admit i fought my own tears back pretty hard.

When we arrived at the airport we learnt an important lesson that we carried with us for the rest of the trip. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE! A man on the Air train kindly offered to help us on our way. Before we could object he had our luggage on a trolley and was charging ahead. For his ‘help’ getting us to where we already knew we were going, he charged us a flat rate of $20 PLUS TIPS! I would usually object to someone clearly taking advantage of naive tourists, but It’s harder than you think to object when they lay it on thick about supporting their families this way. This was quite the learning curve for us.

We took a taxi to Chelsea to our new home for the next 2 weeks, where my brother Todd was meeting us. Pretty much the smallest apartment of all time and grossly misrepresented as being able to house 4 people. Clearly only appropriate for 3. So we purchased a blow up mattress at an all night Kmart with 3 levels of every kind of crap you could ever think of, with the size alone exceeding any notion you have of how big you think it might be.

The last adventure and best part of the day was having our first slice of late night pizza and garlic balls (so much garlicy goodness) washed down with ice-cold Canadian beer. Aahh…

When we got back to the apartment an episode of Seinfeld was on and could you guess which one? Drakes coffee cake! Serendipitous.

<;;3 Love note: Finally logged onto wireless and skyped my man for the first time on the trip.

* The word ‘slept’ is used extremely loosely when describing a state of attempted rest on flights of any kind.

**All pics taken with an iPhone 3 and run through editing.


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