NYC Trip – Day 5 : Coachella – Day 2

The second day was my favourite day…

We finally slept In for the first time!! Being a full-time festival goer really is exhausting…

Seeing as we snuck two extra girls into our hotel room the night before, that morning we found out what it’s like to get 5 girls ready in 1 bathroom; very time-consuming and logistically restricting. But, when that was finally done we had a nice breakfast/lunch together by the pool where i had yet another ‘conversation’ with wait staff about supplying ‘real’ coffee’.

Back on the shuttle we created a drinking game – The Drunken Yahtzee. Rules are if you roll a 6 the other team has to have as many drinks (skulls/sips) as you have rolled in 6’s, and as the ride went on, we added more numbers. If you get a Yahtzee everyone drinks.

Because we went later this day it took forever to get in, but when we did – straight on the ferris wheel. It was amazing to see the enourmity of an event like that from that height. Unfortunately my excitement got the better of me and i dropped my sobriety long enough to be walked in on in the bathroom. My worst nightmare.

On the way to Manchester orchestra we met this shady character (see below) under the ‘dome’. He was from Oz and had snuck into the festival and was camping with some friends. I Picked out an inflatable Simba from the bin (?) and re inflated It (???) and he became an integral part of our team for the day. This mismatched crew headed back to the trusty beer garden where we swayed on top of tables and sung along to the end of Oasis’s ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ sung by Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds. Everyone cheered for Wonderwall but Noel didn’t seem to like that at all.

I know what you’re thinking… Laraine, what was the best pick-up line you heard on the trip? Well, a group of guys threw an iPhone at us. Seriously. Turned out they were Aussies from Brisbane. Who’d a thunk it?

It gets a little blurry from here so i’m gonna point form it:

  • Across to the Shins of which I can’t remember any, i think because we ran into some Coachella friends and i tried on a large fur hat.
  • Lost Jess.
  • Guys at the toilets were saying that Jared Leto was around. Got psycho stalker for a while and then gave up.
  • Watched feist from a distance (which means she was barely visible) while waiting for Jess.
  • Met another Australian guy in the crowd and the girl with him tried to set us up saying we’d make beautiful aussie babies (not falling for that again)
  • Still missing people from our team, we waited at the meeting point next to the main stage while Bon Iver played. I’m not gonna lie. I definitely cried during his set. Cried.
  • Freezing cold we huddled with Alex and Gargs, but the best way to stay warm is to be in a crowd.
  • Found Jess. Jess went home.
  • Hales and I stayed to watch Radiohead. They played a lot of newer stuff but was still a life milestone.
  • Shuttle home.
  • Epic day.

Just so you know he was actually there. And just because he’s a god. Enjoy!

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