NYC Trip – Day 4 : Coachella – Day 1

In reflection – Definately one AMAZING day!!

We made the early morning move to The RENAISSANCE as part of our Coachella package, but not before scoffing down a free buffet breakfast by the pool. Boom! And why are waffles not an integral part of every Australian breakfast?? Weird.

We then packed our vodka & Mist disguised as water to drink on the shuttle, making life even more wonderful once we finally arrived. Made a french friend as soon as we walked off the bus, and soo many more on our 2 kilometre walk to the actual festival. Coachella is enourmous, well organised, pretty and clean. There were 5 stages, trance huts, 2 beer gardens, a ferris wheel, and a Red bull tent with a saloon inside and ridiculously priced vodka Red Bulls.

Apparently the Hoff was crowd surfing during Arctic Monkeys, who were great considering im not even a fan, but somehow we missed it. Unfortunately we missed a lot of bands we intended to see whilst being carried away with socialisation. I believe we then saw some other bands before watching the Black keys at the end of the night. I also believe they were amazing. But i can’t be entirely sure.

We spent quite a bit of time in the Red Bull tent mostly to keep warm, visit our good friend Ben (whose job was to socialize. Score!) and mingle with other Australians that seemed to be almost everywhere.

Pics 6 & 9 courtesy of Alexandra Smelt via FB and last pic courtesy of Red Bull. All others taken with an iPhone 3 and edited in


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