NYC Trip – Day 3 : Palm Springs

Up at the painfully early hour of 5.30am to catch 2 buses and a taxi, another bus and another taxi out to Palm Springs. Again, slightly hungover, and in need of a maccas fix, we stopped in on the way to grab a few bacon and egg mcmuffins. Somehow there was a mix up with simple dialogue and i ended up with what they call a ‘biscuit’ which is actually a scone. I don’t know about you but i definitely want my bacon and egg on a muffin and not a scone.

Palm Springs is a beautiful desert town, much like vegas; except relaxed and cheap, and we stayed at a surprisingly lovely BEST WESTERN. It turned out to be easy enough to hop on a bus (all trips are only $1!!) into town to track down a spray tan for our first day of festival fun. It was our first spray tan in a booth and was weird but kinda fun.

Last thing to do was to meet up with our Ozzie friend Patrick that bought a Coachella ticket off us so we could all drive to hotel Renaissance to pick up our tickets a day early.

Finally got back to our hotel to chill with 2 over-sized pizza’s and a bucket of soda in a hotel room soaked in nail polish and fake tan. Yum.

All pics taken with iPhone 3 and edited in


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