NYC Trip – Day 1 : Venice Beach

I think we can all agree that flying is just a pretty shit experience in general, and if you don’t agree, it means you are flying first class and are very rich, in which case i exclude you from this conversation. Making the 13 hour trip with a great airline is always more pleasurable and i find Qantas to be quite good. Apart from no sleep at all, the flight was enjoyably filled with Gossip Girl, synchronised movie watching and endless cups of instant coffee. Oh, and mango Weis Bars.

Once we landed the first thing to do was to load up on natural and non-natural vitamins – fibre water, banana’s, Neurofen and water which may or may not have eased the pain of jet lag later in the day. After 3 buses we arrived in Venice beach lugging suitcases down the esplanade, which is actually not ideal seeing as it’s a fairly dodgy place.

First things first; a cup more of coffee each, some badly needed wifi and our first american hot dogs. For some strange reason every time i go to the U.S i develop an obsession with eating as many hot dogs as possible and grading them in order of fairly awesome, awesome and really awesome. This one was in category A.

We were there 10 minutes before I managed to get into an argument with a homeless guy who mimed at me for change and when i said no he gave me a VOICED lecture on making assumptions. Apparently he was a psychologist. No, seriously. After that we were so desperate to get off the esplanade we headed to our AIRBNB acquired home for the night only to be rejected by the hostess, who apart from being extremely rude also turned out to be a pathological liar.

After settling in we sauntered to a popular area right near where we were staying called ABBOT KINNEY. A small bustling stretch of road great for shopping and cafe-ing. This is where Jess & i started our coffee obsession in a place called INTELLIGENTSIA. If you go to Abbot Kinney ever, you must go here. Amazing coffee.

Our extremely helpful (aka ‘pushy’) hostess suggested (aka ‘forced’) us to wander down to the houses nearby that are surrounded by canals. Not surprisingly they were pretty boring, although a car of drunk guys did drive by and asked Jess if she knew were they could find a jack in the box, to which she was offended by until i informed her that Jack in The Box is an actual place and not just a lude sexual remark. We picked up a stranger on our way through who offered to walk us to a nice restaurant for dinner, then when he left us we chose the pub across the street that had all you can eat tacos for $4.95 and 2 for 1 margaritas. Not sure if it was the combo of sleep deprivation with tequila but we ended up staying there all night laughing with a group of people who were also headed to Coachella. Stumbled drunkenly back to our prison and slept a much needed 12 hrs.

All pics taken with my Canon 1000D


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