Vegas Trip 1 – Day 27: I <3 Burgers

Gym today with Brendon playing personal trainer. He made me do push ups and weights and all that stuff that i never do. Im going to hurt tomorrow.

Hit up some outlet stores again and finally saw the ‘Welcome to Vegas’ sign, albeit through the rear window. I got Brendon into a collared check button down shirt which, once on, he loved of course. Your welcome.
We found a mini jelly pig friend for Pig but, after being thrown at the windshield of the car (which was almost at melting point) and then thrown across the whole length of the room at the sliding door, he popped a seal and died. So no freind for pig. Good work Brendooor.

Our friend Jackie who was doing really well in a tournament at the Venetian so on her break we ate at a place called ‘i heart burgers’.

Brendon went to feed his Pai Gow addiction, but I decided it was best for me to sit this one out.


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