Vegas Trip 1 – Day 25: Rail Time

Seeing as Brendon was playing day 2 of his tournament today i thought it was the perfect time to shop. Straight to Victorias Secret where I spent over an hour! Eek! Most of it was chatting though. You know girls…

When I got home I intended to play bingo at Gold Coast casino (awesome right) but found out Bdog was on a break so I ran (yes, ran. It was quite the feat in 40 plus heat but whatevs) to join the crew for dinner. Lucky because during all of my shopping I hadn’t thought to eat yet!
I railed for a while but it gets pretty mundane when there is still like 5 hours left and Brendo had heaps of chips, so I went to do laundry where I bought this banging ring for $2.99 no joke!

Went Back at midnight to rail for a few more hours, home by 3am asleep by 4am. Lucky we’ve been training for this…


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