Vegas Trip 1 – Day 22: Green Lantern

Finally got in to see the doctor today, even though i was feeling a little better it was still really uncomfortable to eat. Plus i had convinced myself i had appendicitis. But wow! I had to fill out 45 minutes of paper work, waited 2 hours and paid an exorbanant amount for 5 minutes with a doctor who never seemed anywhere near a diagnosis.

Spent the rest of the day in bed and then Brendo dragged me to see Green Lantern. Ok ok you don’t ever really have to drag me to a Ryan Reynolds movie but I just knew it was gonna be bad. And It was pretty bad… except for the shirtless scenes of course, although I had Brendon putting his hands over my eyes though all of those scenes anyway.
No pics today so here is a pic to make up for all the shirtless scenes I missed out on. Ha!


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