Vegas Trip 1 – Day 21: Imma git me sum riibs!

Still feeling pretty sick from the weekend but in the end, an invite to dinner with our good friends the Glaziers was too good to pass up.

We ate at this great italian place not far from our hotel and i must note that the chocolate cake was unbelievable. Even sick as i was i fought Brendon for a majority of it!

We had never played pai gow before so we found some $10 tables at Gold coast casino. There was the drunkest lady there that made our night when she stood up and said “imma git me sum riiibbss!!”. It was like right out of an American movie. She also burped right in Jamies face, spilled her drink across the table, got on her hands and knees for 15minutes to search for a quarter, ate her ribs right over the table like she’d never eaten before and almost fell asleep straight after, before finally excusing herself to go get to bed. She needed to search for a job tomorrow anyway. So hilarious.


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