Vegas Trip 1 – Day 20: Sunday Pool Fiesta!!

Somebody (ahem) had a wicked idea to book a bungalow at the Palms Pool to assist us in having the best Sunday pool party ever. And the best it was. I feel these two photos sum it up perfectly…

We made some freinds, from Dallas, Texas, and when the sun went down we all decided to hit up a bar called ‘Ghost’ inside Palms Casino, except our friend Josh (shown being an alcoholic above) was wearing shorts. So up to our room to squeeze, and i mean squeeze, him into Brendons chinos. It actually worked out great because the boucer was so busy looking at Josh’s ill-fitting pants they didn’t notice i was wearing flip flops.

The bar is on the 50th floor and looks out over the whole of Las vegas. Breathtaking. It also has a 2×1 metre perspex piece of floor hanging over the side of the building which for some crazy reason people like to dance on. Not me nut-ah not gonna happen. I liked to stand and watch everyone casually walk towards it and then as they realised there was no floor ahead of them, start taking a brisk walk backwards.

Great night.


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