Vegas Trip 1 – Day 18: The Big Kahuna!

This was the best day i have had in a long time. Thanks girls!!

Two of Brendons awesome friends, Erika and Fran, flew in for a few days in Vegas, so we met for lunch at the Venitian and once Brendon was off to play his tournament we were off to smash some pumpkin sized margaritas at Kahunaville. After a quick lesson, and loss, in Black jack we hit the strip chatting to pretty much any randms that would listen, some of who were selling us club tickets, even though girls pretty much get in free everywhere.

We got a bit dossied up and i flooded the girls toilet in there room at Ceasars before meeting up with Brendo and hitting the craps table. Again!

We got a massive bud light 67 oz slushee from Planet hollywood, most of which i drank and regretted for the next 4 days. Anyway here are some pics of our adventures…


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