Vegas Trip 1 – Day 16: Yahtzee & Karaoke

I headed in to the strip today to explore and take a ridiculous amount of photos. Thank god all the casinos connect through walkways because more than 5 minutes outside can be deadly, or you’d think so the way Brendon carries on. Caesars is probably my favourite so far, the shops are amazing! I got lost in Palazzo for about an hour. Seriously. Could not find an exit, that’s how big it is.

When B finished up we headed back into the strip. there is a show outside Treasure Island Called “Sirens of T.I” which is essentially strippers bouncing around a big ship, but was mildly entertaining. We got ‘stuck’ at T.I all night after we found Yahtzee pokie machines!! But am proud to say we walked away with a small profit.

We met the cutest couple ever who were celebrating their 3rd anniversary at a bar (my favourite bar) called Kahunaville. Half way through a conversation the guy got up and jumped on stage and started madly karaoke-ing, singing ‘You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling’ sliding a pink boa through his legs. hilarious. Luckily i snapped a few pics.


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