Vegas Trip 1- Day 12: New York, New York

Ever since we first drove past ‘New York, New York’ and spotted the red roller coaster winding through and behind the mini statue of liberty i wanted to scream through it. So today we did. And it was not fun! It was so rickety and seemed so un-supported that we were just scared for our lives the whole time. I swear at one point we were hanging 200 feet above an abandoned parking lot suspended by nothing but collective fear and two thin rails. Plus we just drank a massive iced coffee beforehand so we both felt pretty sick after.

Within Coney Island Arcade in New York, new York i won a stuffed toy (and new best friend); a pig from angry birds. I’m one of those cult angry birds fans so i was pretty excited!! (don’t be shocked, i hide it pretty well)

Now that Pig is in our lives he will be joining us on some of our adventures and also has a blog of his own, so check it out if your curious on how a pig survives in the city of sin…


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