Vegas Trip 1 – Day 11: Settling in

With brendon heading off to a tournament i headed up to the pool again, my tan’s looking pretty sweet btw (don’t judge me). When he came back we headed over the sky-tube, which is just a lift up to two very long travelators across to the casino part of the resort, which also has an IMAX theatre and a Maccas. Yes, inside the casino! We took bets on how many Maccas there actually was in vegas. B said 23 and i laughed. I guessed 50 at least which was still very far from the actual 103 stores!

I quickly realized the best place to score free drinks was to go straight to the source… the bar. They have screens right there so i settled in, made friends with some canadians as well as the bartender, and had a fun few hours until i decided i’d gambled enough for one night.

We headed back to our room to catch ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ whose taping we attended on monday. They showed us in the audience and we rolled around giggling “we’re on Tv! We’re on TV!!!”

The only pic i took today was this one of Brendo enjoying the all-American Twinkie…


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