Vegas Trip 1 – Day 10: First day in Satans Playground

Brendon said if i spend too much time blogging i wont have anything to blog about except blogging. Well today is that day. To be honest i spent a lot of yesterday blogging.

The place we are staying in is also a casino so last night we checked it out, had a bit of a gamble and some free drinks, which apparantly everyone at the tables get so, yew! They check your ID at every table which upset Brendon because he thought they were having a stab at his age. I was fine with it as i always get a compliment hehe. You are allowed to smoke inside which makes it a bit gross, and every waitress has fake boobs, which also makes it a bit gross lol. I really love it here, it’s so interesting, warm (some would say uncomfortably hot) and all the casino’s are amazing to explore. So now i’m off to see what i can find. At the bar. By the pool.

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