Vegas Trip 1 – Day 9: The drive to Vegas

Back to Disneyland first thing to hit up a few rides we missed out on the day before, then on the road to Sin City. Making a stop about 3 hours in, we finally realize that we are minus a suitcase. Last time we saw it was at least 30 hours ago. We trace it back to the shuttle bus and thankfully they agree to post it to us in Vegas. Phew!

I took about 60 photos on the drive but they all look pretty much the same. Dirt, shrubbery etc etc.

Our new home is amazing.. It has 3 TV’s and a phone next to the toilet. I was surprised at that but Brendon seemed to think it was quite reasonable. We spent our first night eating Maccas in a laundromat at 12.30am.

Brendon looked at my blog and was like “you didn’t put up any pictures of the car”. And i was like “oh shit i forgot to take any!” So here is a generic picture with B-dogg crudely pasted in.


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