Vegas Trip 1 – Day 8: A day in Disneyland

There was only one dissapointing event today, which was that we weren’t able to hire a convertable for the drive to Vegas without a credit card. What??? I have 6 visa cards (yes 6) but none are credit cards. Brendon was so dissappionted i thought i might cry. Thankfully cheered up slightly when he saw the Chevy Camero we got instead.

We had so much fun!, and here’s a short story: when we got to the entrace of California Land i surrendered my bag for a security check and, being excited and trying to be pleasant, i said “have a rifle through” gesturing to my bag. As soon as i said it i realized rifle probably wasn’t the best thing to say at this checkpoint. I looked at Brendon who’s eyes were wide with shock as he said to the guard “we don’t have a rifle!”. I thought he was over-reacting and laughed until i turned to look at her. Her face was deadly serious and she had frozen. So of course i almost yelled “oh my god i DO NOT have a rifle in there!”. So embarrassing. Sadly, a similar situation arose at the airport on the way here too. Eek!


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