Vegas Trip 1 – Day 7: Jerry Springer

So Jerry has a new show called ‘Baggage’ that we sometimes ‘accidentally’ watch on our fancy foxtel. Somehow Brendon stumbled upon tickets which makes is good to know at least some benefits are coming from his time spent on the Ipad. So out we venture to the middle of no where (well as soon as you get out of any Major town it just goes to shit so). Anyway, the taping was fun and alot more work to be in the audience than i expected! but in a good way. they seat you in order of attractiveness and we got second row so my high self esteem feels validated.

We had to go from one taping to the next
‘the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson’ so we had to grab a taxi. We asked a local cafe for the number which turned out to be a beat up marone sedan with a driver that asked us if we were police before he started driving. Apparently he didnt have a license. So yay! our first illegal activity in America. Pleasantly enough, the guest on the Craig Ferguson show was Kevin Bacon, so of course we both turned into little girls.

Other illegal activities this day included a guy pushing past us in a music store to escape through the door with a brand new guitar, and the helicopter that circled our motel for 40 minutes at 12.30 in the morning shining that big light right in our window. Even the most innocent of people think for a split second “shit…what did i do?” So i locked the door and hoped that whoever they were looking for didnt not try to take hostages from room 211.


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