Vegas Trip 1 – Day 6: Chilling out

Today was a chill out day which of course ment being comatose till noon. This was desperately needed due to a lack of sleep caused by a little thing called ‘free refills’ (5 cups of soda will do that to you) So first things first straight to Starbucks for some bagels with cream cheese, which are my new favourite food. Took Brendon shopping for his first pair of chinos (nothing more American than a pair of beige yachting pants). On that same theme we had lunch at Hooters, at which Brendon mentioned employment several times. After, We fought our way through Tom Cruise, Jacko, spiderman, and some pro wrestlers (all fake of course) into the Chinese Theatre to watch X-Men, which was pretty effing awesome! Continuing with chill day we spent the night working on our respective blogs. P.s. Hugh Jackman is ‘The Man’! P.p.s. The wifi makes downloading so painfully slow that If LAG was a person I would punch them in the face. Kinda nice to not take my camera out with me but that means no pictures 😦 But dont worry, i’ll get some of Brendon in his chinos soon…


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