Vegas Trip 1 – Day 5: The whole west coast

Today i realized the massive divide in social classes. Our tour bus (made up of Australians) took us mostly to all the places we had already been other than through Beverly Hills and Bel-Air to point out some famous peoples house; highlights being the house from Fresh Prince and, im pretty sure, i saw Steven Spielberg drive past in a white BMW though Brendon refuses to confirm or deny our star-spot. I actually only agreed to go on the tour because i foolishly believed they were going to take us close to the Hollywood sign which, just between you and i, i have become obsessed with taking pictures of. (Its like a syndrome of some kind?) But all they did was drop us in the middle of the street and point to it! It was closer admittedly but not close enough. As soon as we got back i did some research on how i could touch the sign. Turns out it’s pretty secure. But still looking into it.


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