Vegas Trip 1 – Day 4: The move to Hollywood

Today we made the move from our ‘family home’ into a typically trashy hollywood motel on sunset blvd (as seen below) I love it!! It’s a lot of fun here. Every waiter-slash-actor has a complex about serving people so its fun to ask them as many questions as possible. Apart from getting used to looking left instead of right when you walk onto the road, and a few small lovers tiffs surfacing today; mostly regarding sunblock and wether to go left or right, we are doing pretty well for a pair of goofs with no plans. We spent the afternoon posing next to fake people at the wax museum and aww-ing at stars on the ground. The food here is super greasy and I’m pretty sure I’ve already put on a handful. It’s hard to find good food but thankfully we stumbled upon this great, dimly lit Mexican restaurant called ‘El Compadre’ with amazing food, a live band and flaming margaritas. O-lay!


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