Vegas Trip 1 – Day One: Jet lag & Venice Beach

First day in the U.S of A! We decided not to sleep on the first day as to help
ease our bodies through jet lag, so we were a little bit out of it. The first thing i noticed about L.A was that people had phones that weren’t iphones.
In oz everyone i know has an iphone! that kinda weirded me out. I guess that officially makes me a yuppie. In Australia and the US.
The second thing i noticed was that it wasn’t all as glamourous as its cracked up to be. We took a taxi from the airport
and learnt about the taxi driver, he was glad his sons didn’t grow up to be in gangs. Venice beach was the epitome of interesting. Skaters with electric guitars and stoners selling all kinds of unique goods. There are ‘medical marijuana’ stores fronted by men that encourage you to ‘get legal’. Apparently there are now more medical marijuana stores in L.A than Starbucks!


One thought on “Vegas Trip 1 – Day One: Jet lag & Venice Beach

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